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How to Market Your Educational Services on Social Media Effectively

Education has given us the ability to read and write. You are reading what I have written because we have both got the required education for it. We got an education because it was marketed in a way that our parents must have thought that it is necessary to get us an education. See, my point is, it is all about the way something is marketed. You need to be able to brilliantly market education in order for people to be interested in it. We are experiencing the next step in education with the advancement today. Education is not just restricted to physical institutions now. Online or physical mini schools have become a successful trend. There are schools for dancing, music, literature and so much more. Every day, new effective ways to market educational services on social media are being discovered.

Apart from being a learning place, these are safe businesses too, and like every business, they need promotion and marketing too. In fact, schools are one of the toughest marketing competitions. As everyone wants to go to the best school, they put equal effort into marketing themselves as the best. If an institution is better able to market themselves, they will get more admissions every year and hence increase their profits.

But if it’s all about marketing then why does one party lag behind the other? Below are listed some factors which prove to be a game-changer in your marketing strategy.

Old VS New: Comparing the Impact of Marketing Methods

Traditional Marketing Strategy

Traditional marketing is not going to work as it is old and has less impact. How to market educational services on social media should be the concern now!

Here, just pick out an example and compare. Suppose we pick out physical means of advertisement which can be a pamphlet or poster.

So, here is the discussion: –


How many people every day visit a park? And how many actually have an interaction with the poster you put on just a random tree? The best guess could be 100 people per day.

Target Audience

Suppose your product is about teaching Bellet dance. Mostly, either old people or little kids visit a park. Kids can’t read or understand such posters and for old people, this post is probably going to be of no interest. So, you are not able to reach your target audience through this.

Advertisement Power

Here comes the most neglected and the highest impacting point. Marketing is all about dealing with human nature. Is the poster you are attaching to a public place or pamphlet you are handling someone attractive enough to catch attention? leave an impact? have enough power to lead to a conversion?


This is the most important factor here. The marketing ratio should always be the least investment and the most output. Consider the budget here for this means of advertising.

  1. Hiring a graphic designer to design a poster.
  2. Then making dozens of posters, obviously, one can’t be relied on for the whole task.
  3. Hiring some labor to attach the posters to different public places.

Now analyze it. It is all worth it? The conversion to investment ratio is too low.

Now, Considering the above situation, we came up with a better strategy which is online advertising. Online advertising through video content is the best way to do things online. Whether you are doing paid advertising on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram or just uploading content on a daily basis to your online audience (that is interested in your services), video content for smartphones is the way!

Social Media Marketing

How to market educational services on social media since it is the most impactful and effective way to market anything

Yes, this is what we are talking about. The most successful and the most reasonable way with guaranteed positive feedback. Now again consider this option with the above factors.


Almost 50% of the world’s population nowadays has a smartphone and social media presence. Even Instagram has more than 1 billion active monthly users. 4.2 billion likes are recorded on Instagram on a daily basis.

Target Audience

These platforms include users of every age, gender, profession, interest, culture, region. These social media sites track all these metrics to show them ads and content relevant to them. You can use this to your advantage by using relevant hashtags and keywords to tell the platform that you offer a certain kind of educational service. Rest is up to the platform to circulate in a way and show your content automatically to the people interested in it.

Advertisement Power

This is something you actually have to work on to increase your impact and conversion rates. You can pay for your content to reach a wider audience. Using the short-form video content that you have created to tell viewers about your latest education course, you can target a specific type of audience and display your ads to them. The only problem is, you need high-quality and engaging video content consistently.


You can always hire editors and designers. To be honest, there is no need for it when you have Pinreel to do everything. It can help you roll out consistent video content for your social media platforms. Luckily, it’s not as expensive as hiring You just need appealing content and a little play with algorithms through SEO and Hashtags.

We have something that will automatically resolve your worries related to how to create good content and increase conversion rates.

To help you take your educational services to new heights, we bring to you the best tool to create short and engaging video content for social media platforms which you can also use for advertisement purposes.


Pinreel is a video editing app for smartphones that lets you create short animated video content for your social media platforms within minutes. You do not need a graphic designer or a content creator to optimize your social media account. You can do it all by yourself easily and quickly. The process is simple:

  • Choose any template of your choice to start editing it. Pinreel has already done its part by providing you with the best templates in terms of color combinations, proportions, etc. which best attracts the viewers.
  • These templates come up with a decent library of free music that Pinreel offers. You can select one or upload an audio of your own choice.
  • You have tons of options to select from and edit the video as you wish. These options includes changing the titles, text, animations, images, transitions, adding a logo, changing background, resizing the template for various aspect ratios, and being able to adjust the duration of the whole video among various other fun options.

The Power of Video Content Marketing!

Whether you are running a small dance class in a city or offering online courses worldwide, targeting your customers is important. The second step is converting them into your customers. That requires an engaging and high-quality video that explains your service in detail. For that, you can use Pinreel and take your educational institute to new heights!

Download Pinreel now!

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