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Most Effective Way to Create Quick Social Media Content in 2022


In 2020, 132 billion US dollars were spent on social media ads. Around 90% of the companies are putting in an insane amount of money to get people to know about their products and services. Brands are spending millions of dollars to find the most effective ways to create quick social media content to get better engagement. All this means one thing: There is also an insane amount of competition online and hence hard to get found.

In this increasing competition where every brand has some sort of social presence, a lot of money spent on creating social media content goes to waste because they don’t know the right way. As a result, businesses are not able to earn as fast as they spend, ending up as a failed startup. 

Caught Up in Competition!

Due to excessive competition and new businesses launching every day, brands are always caught in competition. They are always copying the methods that successful businesses have used, in hopes that they might achieve similar results. The problem is, one method doesn’t always work for everyone. The key is to be original and patient. It’s hard to form your own identity but only your brand identity is your long-term investment. Copying other brands will only allow users to critique and compare you. 

Being original and building your own identity requires resources and business plans and at the top of that, content!

Factors That Affect Social Media Business Growth in 2022

Picking Up Pace

Start with business planning and locating your audience. Then upload fast-paced content to grow. That is the hard part of social media branding and marketing. Staying consistent with uploads is going to increase your chances of success but it requires time, effort, and a team (if you are not using our solution).

Creating a Brand Identity

You must have a unique brand identity that reflects in your content. That could be the unique and rich color palette that you use everywhere consistently or your logo. Having a consistent color palette theme can affect users subconsciously and trick them into remembering about you. For a detailed guide on using colors in your content, read this article.

Producing Engaging Social Media Content

You are not only supposed to put consistent content but must also ensure that it is engaging enough for your audience. How would your audience or newcomers get attracted to your content if it doesn’t engage them in some way? Ask them a question, inform them about a discount or provide teasers of your services or products to get people talking about them in the comment section.

Investing in Content Editing

To make the first 2 steps possible, you need to have a highly efficient and creative content-creating team. A team that can think of catchy copywriting lines, use a highly effective color palette that reflects your brand, and then put everything into a themed video.

To be honest, you don’t have the time for all of this. Every second wasted on interviewing and choosing editors, copywriters, planners and designers is every second you are left behind in the competition. Why do you need to pay people when you can do it with the help of tools specifically made for brands like yours? These tools have tons of pre-existing ideas and templates that you can use and edit in minutes and put professional and high-quality content. All you need is your hands on a highly efficient tool that lets you create quick social media content.

Pinreel: A Lifesaver!

Pinreel is your whole content creation team. Your graphic designer, content planner, and video editor are all packed in just one mobile app available for both Android and iPhones. It isn’t just a time and money saver, it’s a lifesaver!

Pinreel is an app that is specifically designed for businesses and individuals who have a social media presence. Whether you are just a YouTuber or a company that sells services/products, Pinreel has everything set up for everyone and offers quick solutions to create fast-paced and engaging animated social media content.

How Pinreel Helps in Creating Quick Social Media Content?

To build your identity online, all you need to do is to learn how Pinreel works. There are video guides about using Pinreel that explain everything in detail. The app is so simple to use and provides one-tap intuitive editing.

Pre-Built Templates in Every Category

Unlimited pre-built templates will help you choose what kind of content you want to upload. Since all the templates are already built with a highly professional and engaging design, you don’t even have to make any changes apart from editing the text, etc. There are hundreds of templates in all types of categories and all aspect ratios. Choose one for yourself now!

Various Aspect Ratio options

Variety of Font Styles and Color Palettes

If you have finally chosen a template but want to change the font style and color palette to suit your brand identity, everything is just a click away. Select a template to edit and choose from hundreds of font styles and text animations. Furthermore, you can also change the color options for text, overlays, and background.

various types of font styles for creating quick social media content in 2022

Engaging Text and Element Animations

The best part about Pinreel is that you can add cool and modern animations to your overlays, logos, texts, and other layers in a few simple steps. These animations will make videos engaging and help you put more content in less time. 

add engaging animated text
add engaging animated text

Add Music on the Go

Every video editing app comes with an option of adding music but Pinreel doesn’t stop here. It also has a library of its own sounds that you can use in your videos. You also have the option to import your own music and adjust it accordingly.

Select any type of movies from various categories!

Resize Content for Various Screen Sizes

Since it is important to reach an audience on all platforms and screens, it becomes difficult for video editors to resize everything for different aspect ratios. The process is tiring and costly. Pinreel provides a solution to this with various different aspect ratio sizes. You can produce content for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts (square size content) as well as 16:9 size for stories.

various screen sizes to create effective social media content
most effective way to create social media content is with various screen sizes

It is extremely important to have access to tools like these to speed up your workflow and save time for other important factors that can affect your business’s growth. Take advantage of Pinreel now!

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