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The Golden Trick: Copywriting for Social Media Content in 2022

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Do you see this text up here? It’s the golden rule in copywriting. What is copywriting? It’s a phrase or a paragraph that is used for advertisement purposes. It doesn’t matter if it’s your Instagram caption, your sales pitch, advertisement text, or anything that is intended to sell something to people. Everything is called copywriting. In this article, we’ll explore copywriting for social media content.

Now you might think that you already use copywriting a lot of times in your business. As a matter of fact, you do. The purpose of this article is to open a new pathway to marketing and sales conversion for your business. Since at Pinreel, we deeply care about high conversions for our customers by offering video templates for social media that are engaging and mesmerizing.

The major form of content for social media marketing is short video ads with engaging graphics, animated text, and other elements. They are easy to design, require no acting whatsoever. Since at Pinreel, we provide the best service for creating marketing videos with engaging animated text, let us recommend the golden rule to write your sales pitch through your editing app.

Find What Appeals To Your Audience

There are so many ways to convince and engage an audience. Some of the tricks have to be audience-specific. For example, the tone, wit, and style of the copywriting depend on the maturity level and personality traits of your customers. 

Take an example of a famous company named “Brooklinen” which makes bedsheets.

Brooklinen copywriting strategy. Explaining copywriting in 2022.

This is the homepage of their website. A “really good sheet” is the bold heading followed by a copywriting pitch: “The most popular sheets on the internet at a price that won’t keep you up at night”. This pitch involves wit and is very relatable. Without using words like high quality, imported sheets, 100% cotton, etc, they use this catchy phrase and humor. They use words such as ‘bull sheet’ and ‘holy sheet’. 

This is an example of high quality and converting copywriting. That’s what we are going to learn today. Short, crispy, and packed phrase!

Target the Mind!

A very common method in copywriting for social media content is called AIDA. What is it?

Attention: Grab the customer’s attention by doing something different such as using animations from Pinreel.

Interest: If you are selling a product, you know what your customers are interested in. Rephrase their interest to them in a catchy way.

Desires: Now target their desires and tell them that you have what they’ll miss. Target the desire.

Action: A phrase or word that tells them exactly what they should do.

This is an effective and common method to pitch customers. You can target their mind by telling them that the sale is ending soon or stock is selling out to cause a sense of fear and buy it instantly. You should tell them that the date to claim a free trial is ending soon and more than 80% of the people have already registered and seen results (using numbers to create an impression).

Carefully using all these tactics will highly improve the sales conversions!

The Golden Method: People Don’t Read, They Scan!

When you opened this article, the copywriting example written at the top followed this golden method. You also read it completely and wondered about Pinreel.

The strategy is simple. People don’t read, they scan. They don’t have the patience to spend their time on a sentence they randomly saw because no one likes to waste their time intentionally. Studies have shown that most people follow an F-shape scanning method.

They read the first line and then their attention starts to fade away. 

They start scanning the content very quickly and read the first bits to make sense. 

That is why it is important to position your content this way so they’d be able to easily scan it and still grasp the weight of the whole phrase.

The example that you see down here follows the F-shape method.

copywriting for social media content. The F shaped method for copywriting

It doesn’t sell anything other than itself. There is no sales pitch in this. The goal of this copywriting is to let the users know about the main difference that Pinreel makes which is cutting down the cost required to hire a graphics designer and a video editor as Pinreel does it all. The download buttons under the text make it obvious that it is a mobile app (in case it wasn’t already obvious).

Sometimes, copywriting doesn’t have to sell. It just has to stick in the reader’s head so that he will be prompted to make a decision next time he encounters it. 

Creating Copywriting for Social Media with Pinreel

So, if you are interested in making sales and growing your business, you would need to adopt similar tactics. You are already putting a lot of content on social media pages related to your brand. Now is the time to think for a moment, rephrase everything you say, align it in the F shape, and boom: Sales conversions. 

Pinreel is a video editing tool that lets you choose from hundreds of templates in countless categories and edit them. These templates are designed by keeping marketing and psychological principles in mind. Hence, you get highly engaging and interactive animated video shorts with vibrant and appealing color combinations.

The best part is, you get to edit the text, position, animation, font style and so much more. All this gives you the freedom to finally write converting sales pitches.

Final Words!

It is very important to know the copywriting techniques and methods to appeal to customers and generate sales. Since the majority of the social media content is in the form of animated video shorts, it is important to create animated copywriting text videos. Pinreel is the ultimate solution to this as it offers a freedom of choice to select a template of your choice, edit it, choose your brand’s color palette, pick an animation and rearrange the text to produce a highly engaging video.

So don’t wait now. The time is now to boost your sales. 

Download Pinreel now!

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