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How does a color palette reflect your business Identity in 2022

Having an identity is the most crucial yet the most underestimated thing in the business world. Brands are so focused on either perfecting their product or investing in flashy marketing methods that they completely forget what their brand identity is. If you are doing business or building any sort of online presence that involves a group of people, you have to understand one thing: People follow their hearts and not their brains. Brand colors are a way to build business identity and in this article, we’ll explore how does color palette reflect your business identity in 2022.

People Follow their Heart, Not Brain!

Customers are more likely to make purchase decisions with their heart instead of brain. That is where the business identity comes into action. Your identity is everything. Having an unmatchable identity is the biggest marketing that no one else can buy. It isn’t a surprise why top-tier businesses are so focused on providing their users with a sense of identity.

Building a Consistent Brand Identity

There are so many factors that combine to create an identity and build resonance with customers. It could be the product design that is an identity of your brand, a specific feature that helps you stand out, and even your color palette. But there is one common thing in all factors: Consistency. If you have decided on what you are going to do differently, you have to ensure that it consistently appears in your products, marketing, logo, etc. The reasons for this are embedded in human psychology. When a certain idea is forced into their brain over a period of time, their brain starts to think of it as important and saves it in subconscious parts. After that, prompting them to make a purchase is a piece of cake.

Brand Colors: Reinforcing an Identity!

More than 80% of the customer decisions in malls are based on if they like the outlook of the product or not. They’d instantly buy what excites them and colors play the most important role here. For example, Sprite and 7UP sell cloudy transparent fizzy drinks but put them in green bottles to give away a feeling of calmness and peace. It is the drink older people usually prefer because of the color effects that come with it. Similarly, the sugar-free versions of the same drinks are sold in transparent bottles to give an indication of harmlessness.

Deciding your Brand Colors

Before you start selling your products, it is very crucial to decide which colors are going to reflect you. Most B2B companies go for darker colors to show boldness and superiority. NGOs and food businesses prefer lighter colors. Similarly, you must do your research on the brand color palettes.

To make the decision easier for you, let me tell you what you should look at. Firstly, figure out your customer base and do some research on what kind of personality your customers might have. Secondly, look for your competitors and see what kind of colors they are opting for. The biggest deciding question for any color palette should be: Does this color instantly give the indication of my services and products? If yes, perfect!

Why Should You Have a Brand Color Palette?

Since there is so much vibrance in screens today, most businesses prefer a combination of 2-3 different colors or shades to reflect their brand. If you want to be minimal and think that 1 color would be enough, go for it. 

The whole purpose of having a color palette is to be able to create digital content in a vibrant and engaging way. For example, if you have 3 colors (a red, black, and light shade of red) in your palette, you can use black as the base color for every background, use red for the important stuff, and lighter shade in complementary and supporting elements. This way, you’ll be able to use the colors in the most effective possible way.

Using Brand Colors to Create Engaging Online Content!

When you decide on what colors you want for your brand, it’s time to start rolling out content. Make sure to keep the colors consistent throughout your content and let your customers absorb it. Figure out your base color, accent, and neutral color. 

Base Color:

Base color is the main color in your logo, social media posts, Instagram stories, videos, and your website. This is the most important and dominating color of your brand. This is what reflects your brands. The rest of the colors are based on this color and its shade.

Accent Color:

This is a complimentary color that should communicate the remaining idea of your business identity. You can either choose a completely opposite color or you can use the different shades of the base color in this one. Make sure that whatever color you end up choosing, should complement your base color instead of making it look amateur.

Neutral Color:

Neutral color is going to fill the remaining gaps. It can be the color of the background or any element that is not very important and needs to be separated from the big picture.

Using Pinreel to Create Consistent Content with Brand Colors

Producing consistent content with related brand colors is important. Now how can you make it faster and easier for you? You can’t edit all the content one by one and upload it. There are so many other tasks to focus on and producing consistent and engaging content consumes so much time. That is where Pinreel comes into the picture to save businesses from collapsing due to a lack of time and resources to create engaging animated content for social media.

Pinreel offers tons of templates for every business category for you to choose from. Just click on the template you find engaging and useful and edit it. You can rewrite the text, change the color of elements, overlays, texts, and backgrounds to suit your brand colors, and export in one tap. The whole process barely takes 5 minutes.

The best part about Pinreel is that there are pre-made color palettes that you can use. These palettes are designed carefully by designers and are a perfect set. These palettes are designed on psychological principles of the brain and you can use any of these with one tap. 

Furthermore, you also have the option to create your own color palette once and save it for future use. You can then apply the palette to all kinds of texts, overlays, and backgrounds.

How does color palette reflect your business Identity in 2022
How does color palette reflect your business Identity in 2022
How does color palette reflect your business Identity in 2022


 If you want more freedom of picking each color by yourself, you have tons of options for that too. Pinreel will even show you all shades of the color that you select. This is a massive time and money saver. 

So what are you waiting for? Download Pinreel and start building your online identity!

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